Practical Strategies for
Sustainable Business Growth

By Alizabeth Calder

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I am pleased to announce the official launch of my new book, Growing Up Practical Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth.

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Owners, CEO and Managers, in your business, do you:

  • find yourself challenged to grow your business?
  • wish your people needed less babysitting?
  • spend much of your time fighting fires?

    It is time for your business to grow up. In my new book, Growing Up, I show you how to:

    • prepare your people, processes and leadership for growth
    • apply the wisdom collected by parents over the millenia to move your business forward
    • spend less time in meetings and more time on the golf course

      A business doesn't grow up overnight. But I can show you how to get there as quickly as possible.


      Growing Up
      Practical Strategies for Successful Business Growth



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      Business owners, leaders and managers take note...

      Independence isn’t doing your own thing, it’s doing the right thing on your own.

      The same can be said for raising children or for managing employees. Your business needs to have people you can rely on to ‘do the right thing—on their own’ otherwise, you spend more time babysitting than managing. The people, process and leadership demand of building a business are, in fact, a lot like the demands of raising children.

      By looking at your business activities through a child development lens, you quickly can identify the things that will help you (or hold you back) as your business grows. You approach a four year old differently from a fifteen year old—this book explains how to use age-appropriate tactics to be most effective as a business leader.

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      "WOW!  Growing Up has everything you need to know about what to do - AND how to do it.  I really enjoyed the stories." 
      Hayden Bradshaw, Publisher and Editor, Enterprise Magazine

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      "Growing Up has some amazing life lessons.  I'd like a copy for all of my clients." 
      - Paul King, Gestalt Therapist

      "For those managers who have struggled to make it happen, work out the problems, get it done-or transform strategies into genuine growth-here’s the missing medicine from an experienced expert. Alizabeth Calder offers a prescription, and it comes down to realism and above all, growing up."

      - Jacoline Loewen, Managing Director, Loewen & Partners Inc.

      "Growing Up is an interesting book.  The point you make about business development resembling human development is clever.  I genuinely believe that if you have not had quality early human development, you will probably fail in business development."

      - Dr. Fraser Mustard, the Canadian "Godfather" of early childhood development.

      "Alizabeth's book is brilliant - amazing. The concept of toddler to maturity is an analogy that powerfully can get across to business people what they need to do to succeed. Your book is helping me see the missing pieces which cause much of the mediocrity and big problems in my businesses - and then you help restore with the correct remedies to create success."

      - Bruce Painter, Author of The Giving Zone, Host of Giving Zone Radio and Business Momentum Coach.


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